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Author Topic: Guild Information and Application Process (READ FIRST!)  (Read 14182 times)


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Guild Information and Application Process (READ FIRST!)
« on: March 26, 2018, 07:07:43 PM »

Realm of Insanity is an end-game, current-content raiding guild on the Xegony server. The guild was formed at the start of the Combine progression server in June of 2006, and since that time we have progressed through all raid content at unprecedented speeds. To this day, RoI holds the serverwide-first completion record for the last 14 of 15 expansions since its transition to a Live server in 2009.

In short, our passion for raiding and raid progression is rivaled by very few guilds serverwide, and we are constantly looking to augment our ranks with highly skilled, highly dedicated, and highly motivated raiders. If you think you would be a good fit with Realm of Insanity, please read on. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to PM or /tell any member of leadership.

Guild Information

  • Guild Leadership: Aldryn, Astralx, Fllint, Piemastaj, Reisil, Sancus, Shennron, Tolzol

  • Recruitment: Our primary recruitment contacts are Tolzol, Astralx, and Reisil. If they are not available, please try contacting Aldryn. Their Discord usernames are as follows: tolzol, astralx64, .reisil, and aldryn, respectively.

  • Raiding Schedule. Our farm schedule requires only a single day of raiding which typically takes place on Sundays from 6:30PM ET to approximately 10:00PM ET. Any weekday raids (in the event of holidays, etc.) will take place at 7:30PM ET. Our progression schedule consists of raiding on launch day, and then as close to lockouts as possible thereafter until the expansion is beaten (note: This can sometimes require raiding on weekends and/or weekdays, and possibly even during the morning hours. These types of raids are known and scheduled well in advance, especially if raids continue to follow the time-locked release model. Not being able to make these oddly-timed raids is not necessarily a deal-breaker, and you are highly encouraged to contact a member of leadership if you have questions or concerns about your availability during progression).

  • Loot System. We operate on a merit-based loot system. Item distribution is determined by a combination of the frequency and quality of your most recent loots, your raid attendance, the "size" of the upgrade, class importance (where applicable), and your general contributions to the guild. Applicants can (and do!) get items when they are passed on by full members.

  • Attendance Policy. Our members are expected and encouraged to maintain a minimum 70% attendance rating over any 30-day period. Falling below this mark will negatively affect loot decisions until your attendance record is improved.

Application Requirements

** All of these requirements are non-negotiable. If you have questions or concerns about one or more requirements, please don't hesitate to hit up any member of leadership.

  • Level and AA Requirements. You must be level 125 to be granted an application to RoI. While there is no "magic number" of AAs required, please know that we expect your character to have maxed out all ranks of useful abilities that will allow you to perform in the most competitive of environments on raids.

  • High Playtime. In addition to the gear, currency, and rewards that are granted on raids, it is expected that all applicants improve their characters as much as possible outside of raids as well. This category includes (but is not limited to!) group expansion progression, collection achievements, hunter achievements, conquest achievements, and other special quests and achievements. No matter how small, anything that gives your character a competitive edge is an added bonus that also displays initiative on your behalf.

  • Magelo. Any application without a valid and updated Magelo profile link will be deleted. There are no exceptions to this rule. This doesn't mean you have to pay for a subscription, but you must at least be willing to complete your profile manually in the event you choose the free route. We don't care if you keep it updated after your application is completed, but a fully-working and fully-updated profile is a necessity at the time your application is submitted.

  • Discord. Our raids are coordinated entirely through our Discord server. Tank applicants will be required to communicate on the topics of assignments, positioning, deaths, and other time-sensitive information that cannot be transmitted through tells or guild chat as efficiently as voice chat. There are relatively inexpensive options available if you do not have a microphone, so please be prepared to satisfy this requirement if you are a Warrior, Paladin, or Shadow Knight. All other classes are expected to be on the server for raid time.

  • Maps. You must have functioning maps of every zone and the ability to get between "Point A" and "Point B" without dying or training other players. All the maps you will ever need can be downloaded at this link. To aid with navigation, all players are expected to have at least one form of invisibility, levitate, and shrink.

  • Audio Triggers. You must be familiar with the concept of audio triggers so that you can satisfy the many different flavors of emotes that occur on raids. While it isn't a hard requirement, you are strongly encouraged to use EQ Log Parser (EQLP) to manage audio triggers. You can use GINA if you wish, but we no longer offer support for that software and trigger packages will only be made for EQLP.

  • Miscellaneous. Prior raiding experience is not required. Instead, we are much more interested in how well you adapt and react to the situations around you, your ability to listen to and follow instructions, and your willingness to learn.

Application Process

  • In order to submit an application, your forum account will first need to be approved by an administrator so that you may send a PM. In order for that to happen, you must speak with a member of leadership about your intent to apply. This conversation will determine whether an application to Realm of Insanity is granted. If everything is cleared, your forum account will be approved so that you can PM your application to Aldryn and any other member of leadership.

  • Although this should be self-explanatory, your application is our very first impression of you. We will be judging you based on the time, thought, and effort you put into answering each question -- right down to complete and coherent sentences! In other words, make it look like you actually care and take some pride in what your first impression looks like. Make it count!

  • Once your application is submitted and reviewed, you will be tagged as an applicant with Realm of Insanity. Additionally, your status on our message boards will be promoted to applicant. This status will allow you to access two forums in particular: Realm of Insanity Policies, where you will find more details on the rules that govern the guild, and Scheduled Raids, where it is absolutely non-negotiable that you post a heads-up about any absences to our weekly scheduled raids. Additionally, your application will be copied to a private area of the forums for discussion. All full members may comment on your progress, but the final decision for membership is made exclusively by the leadership.

  • The application period is usually one month, but it is very likely extended in the height of farm mode as one month typically only includes four raids! Once we are confident there is enough data to fairly evaluate your performance, a vote will be made. Simply putting up good numbers is NOT a ticket to success. We're also looking for overall class knowledge, overall game knowledge, how attentive you are on raids, how quickly you react and respond to instructions and other situations around you, your raid attendance, and the progression of your character outside of raids.
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Realm of Insanity  |  General Category  |  Recruitment  |  Guild Information and Application Process (READ FIRST!)

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